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Anglim Studio is a cultural consultancy offering strategy, communications, production and curation services. Our areas of expertise include the arts, science, cities, youth, policy and religion. Our mission is to help you realise your vision. If you would like to find out how we can help you then we would be delighted to hear from you.

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The arts are ubiquitous in modern society. We are passionate about the arts, the experiences people draw from it and the role it plays in life. The ability for an artist to transmit joy, pain, guilt, fear and the full spectrum of emotions is a talent we pay close attention to.

Our expertise includes photography and art exhibitions, museums lates events, graphic design, photography, illustration, fashion, theatre productions, oratory, architecture, theatre, and literature.
We are inspired by young people. They look upon the world with fresh eyes seeing opportunities, connections and possibilities unique to their particular values and motivations. We love working with young people but we also listen carefully for what we can from learn in the process.

Our expertise includes national youth programmes, communication campaigns for regional youth initiatives, governance of youth charities, and tutoring.
Our scientific and technological discoveries continue to utterly transform the way we understand and experience life. Abstract theories on a whiteboard today can completely change our gadgets and medicine a decade from now. We are committed to following the development of the most transformative ideas, as well as the evolution of the scientific discipline itself.

Our expertise and interests include quantum computing, open science, the development of massive open online courses, science communication, and the application of network technology to all aspects of life.
Cities are the symbol of civilisation. They can be spectacular, romantic and inspirational or they can be dark, dangerous and disease-ridden. By 2050 the total urban population of the developing world will have doubled from 2.3 billion to 5.3 billion. We are engaged by facing the challenges of creating sustainable, smart and effective 21st century cities.

Our expertise and interests include city planning processes, city identity, city policy communication, city competition and global city trends.
Public policy is one of our most powerful tools for changing behaviour whether the desired aim is an increase in voter turnout, a reduction in crime or a more entrepreneurial citizenry. Well researched, considered, debated and thought-out policies can be left neutered and ineffective by poor communications.

Our expertise and interests include democratic engagement, criminal justice, international law and globalisation, democracy and technology, city planning policy, national youth policies and UK, EU and US constitutional reforms.
12% of the world population is estimated to be either non-religious or atheist. That leaves 88% of the world's population whose personal value systems are formed or otherwise influenced by a religious conviction. We are fascinated by the rising growth rate in Islam, by the modern spectacle of 20,000 seat mega-churches in the US, by atheist movements and by the global resurgence in religious affiliation since the 1970's. Communicating or otherwise engaging with religious subject matter requires sensitivity, intelligence and understanding.

Our experience and expertise includes religious trends, atheist trends, consideration of religious sensitivities, religious tools of empathy and the interplay between science and religion.



Our Services


We can help you create your vision, mission, objectives and strategy. Our services include business development, organisational structuring, funding strategy, stakeholder mapping and identifying growth opportunities. Our experience includes a fundraising strategy for a US arts retailer, a rebranding strategy for a charity, business planning for a new cultural centre, and a business development strategy for an annual cultural festival.


We can help you to decide what you want to say, who you want to hear it and the best way to say. Our services include website development, identity creation, market intelligence, audience development, marketing strategy and PR strategy. Our experience includes viral social media campaigns, a PR strategy for an awards ceremony, identity creation for a university conference and a communications campaign for a £38 million cultural centre.


We can help you to decide what you want to create and how to create it. Our services include producing live events, conferences, cultural festivals, photo shoots, debates, films, runway shows, screenings, arts events, exhibitions, award ceremonies and product launches. Our experience includes an annual fashion week, a 10 day theatre production and an public engagement exhibition in support of a major planning application.


We can help you to decide your curatorial direction and needs. We can then help you source and curate your programme. Our services include museum curation, exhibition curation, individual event programming, event series programming and conference programming. Our experience includes a museum late night opening, a speaker programme for a university science conference and a runway schedule for a fashion week.

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